Explore the innovations revolutionizing the plastics industry in the 3D/4D Printing Zone at NPE®. See how 3D technology is evolving and expanding its capabilities beyond prototyping simple parts and tools to new, four-dimensional (4D) applications. Meet the industry’s leading suppliers and experience the most innovative solutions in 3D and 4D printing—including conformal cooling, mold making and end of arm tooling all in once place. In the 3D/4D Printing Zone at NPE, you’ll have a front row seat for the trends and technologies shaping the plastics molding and manufacturing industry.

Whether you’re looking to produce prototypes, small volumes or large volumes of plastic parts, in the 3D/4D Printing Zone you’ll have access to all of the technology and services designed to produce fully functional, cost effective products.

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Improving your company’s efficiency? NPE showcases the latest technological advancements of plastics across multiple industries and zones. Check out the Recycling & Sustainability Zone or Contract Manufacturing Zone to learn more about innovative solutions that transcend industry sectors.

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