Advanced Manufacturing Zone

Suppliers of machinery, materials, and services for companies in the business of 3D/4D printing, also known as additive manufacturing. For suppliers of automation technology of all kinds: robots, cobots, and end-of-arm tooling, as well as companies that provide integration services. For suppliers providing design and engineering services and software across the entire plastics supply chain.

Two men examining a 4D printed item in the 3D and 4D printing zone.

Bottle Zone

Network with leaders in the bottling industry in a zone exclusive to the equipment and services for PET preforms, blow molding machinery, bottling molds, labeling, filling, closures, bottle design, and inspection equipment. Showcase the many advances driving bottling manufacturing—including quick-drying PET, bioplastics, and new barrier technology.

Machine manufacturing bottles in the bottle zone.

Business Solutions Zone

Operations management solutions, software, and consulting

attendees walking through the decorating and secondary processes zone

Materials Science Zone

Targeting suppliers of plastic resins, polymer modifiers and additives, colorants, and compounds.

three men inspecting a machine in the measurement zone

Moldmaking Zone

The Moldmaking Zone is a one-stop shop for mold designers, fabricators, manufacturers, and their suppliers. Join the companies who are leading the way in high-speed, high-quantity manufacturing.


Large machine in the moldmaking zone

Recycling & Sustainability Zone

How does your company make the plastics industry greener or help advance circularity? Show your innovative products and services to processors, OEMs, and brand owners looking to achieve goals around GHG reduction, increased use of recycled content, renewable materials, and better design for recycling.


Recycling zone machine recycling plastic bits

Packaging Zone

For sheet extrusion processors and thermoformers, as well as those who supply materials, machinery, and equipment to this market. For film extrusion processors and converters, as well as those who supply materials, machinery, and equipment to this market.

Three men in the rigid packaging zone holding products