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The NPE Bottle Zone made its debut in 2018, bringing together more than 80 suppliers of blow molding machines; molds; dryers; labeling, filling, capping and inspection equipment; preforms; and raw materials. Witness the latest technologies and innovations within the bottling and container industries—including those that enable cost reductions and positively impact the environment—all in one place.

At NPE, you can explore the material advancements enabling lighter-weight bottling methods, discover new ways to use recycled materials in food-grade products, and see perform and blow molding machinery in action.

The Bottle Zone, allows attendees to discover the latest technologies directly from the bottling exhibitors that will be transforming tomorrow. Explore:

  • PET preform, bottle and container trends: latest developments in beverage, food, and non-food segments (design, lightweight, barriers)
  • US consumer trends: these ideas drive the beverage industry of tomorrow (beverage tastes, formulas, container volumes – e.g. single serve packaging)
  • One for all: Machinery and equipment for flexibility in bottle and container production for different applications
  • Reliable and safe packaging: bottle and closure quality inspection equipment and techniques
  • Get yourself ready for tethered caps
  • Caps & closures: compression versus injection molding
  • Final stage: news in downstream equipment
  • Sustainability and recycling: use of recycled materials and optimized packaging process (Sustainability Day)
  • Digitization and automation in the packaging industry

The NPE Bottle Zone provides a unique opportunity to explore the cutting-edge trends and innovations taking place across the bottling sector. Discover the latest in automation, bioplastics, PET processes, and new barrier technologies specific to bottling.

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