Plastics technologies have evolved rapidly alongside improvements in processes and materials. NPE® showcases the latest in film extrusion, blown film, co-extrusion, converting, and printing—all easily found in the Flexible Packaging Zone. 

Packaging is an integral part of the plastics industry; here you can meet with top film suppliers and manufacturers to find customized solutions for your supply-chain needs.

Take advantage of the wealth of flexible packaging industry experts, leading the way in source reduction innovations and sustainability solutions. Uncover how your business can incorporate sustainable packaging and achieve cost savings with technology that aids in reducing resin consumption. Meet leaders engineering the latest advancing uses of polyethylene and polypropylene materials that improve recyclability and efficiency. 

The Flexible Packaging Zone is devoted to the market and provides attendees the opportunity to hone in on groundbreaking technology and packaging solutions in an easily navigable space.

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Improving your company’s efficiency? NPE showcases the latest technological advancements of plastics across multiple industries and zones. Check out the Rigid Packaging Zone, Product Design & Engineering Zone or Contract Manufacturing Zone to learn more about innovative solutions that transcend industry sectors.

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