Looking for new advancements in quality control and measuring systems? Find them in the Inspection & Measurement Zone at NPE. 

Better parts equate to saved money. Ensure your company is working at maximum efficiency when it comes to quality control, measuring, and tracing. In this zone, attendees can experience the latest in vision systems, inspection equipment, x-ray machines, and laboratory testing devices. Whether you’re in the medical, automotive, or transportation industry, there is a need for better ways to make and trace parts. 

Speak with the experts behind the latest technologies, machinery, and opportunities to help your company transform tomorrow with the efficiencies of today.

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Improving your company’s efficiency in other ways? NPE showcases the latest technological advancements of plastics across multiple industries and zones. Check out the Recycling & Sustainability Zone or Contract Manufacturing Zone to learn more about innovative solutions that transcend industry sectors.

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