The Medtech Zone brings together the supply chain from this segment of the plastics community, from manufacturers that produce medical grade materials to processors for medical devices and components. Featuring leaders in design flexibility, versatile medical molding, and packaging manufacturers, the Medtech Zone is a must-visit for anyone working in the medical materials industry.

NPE® is the largest plastics show in the Americas—discover groundbreaking plastics technology that is revolutionizing the industry.  Find your next partner in 3D printing of flexible plastic components, or uncover the latest in plastics technology.

Whether you are looking to simplify your supply chain or network with industry specialists, don’t miss this unique opportunity to see the latest innovations in medtech and plastics manufacturing—all under one roof.

In order to deliver competition-shattering products, medical device manufacturers and processors need best-in-class tools that enable design flexibility. Plastics improve and save the lives of patients and form the backbone of life-saving tools for the medical community. Plastic ventilators, test kits, syringes, personal protective equipment (PPE), and pill capsules are just a fraction of the vitally important products made possible by plastics

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Transforming tomorrow with the latest in medtech equipment, materials, and processing technology? Take advantage of the neighboring Flexible Packaging and 3D/4D Printing Zones to learn about innovative solutions that transcend industry sectors.

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Plastics are leading the way with solutions in the medical industry from PPE to life-saving medical devices. Here you can see the technologies transforming tomorrow with the latest in medtech equipment, materials, and processing.

– Andrew Raml, General Manager, Bemis Health Care Products and Kelch, Kelch Division of Bemis Manufacturing