Innovations in polymers and the additives that improve their performance, enable plastics to replace conventional materials. The Polymers and Additives Zone at NPE provides a unique opportunity to learn about and evaluate resins, colorants, processing aids, modifiers, additives, and compounds in one spot.

At NPE, the largest plastics show in the Americas, learn how leading suppliers of polymers and additives are adopting new technologies that improve safety profiles and promote sustainability for user end-products. Ranging across multiple industries, from building and construction to automotive and electric, waste reduction and recycling of plastic products are topics at the forefront of the technological advances necessary in moving towards a circular economy.

The Polymers & Additives Zone showcases the latest in resins, masterbatch, colorants, processing aids, polymer modifiers, additives, and compounds. In a normally crowded marketplace, find your your opportunity to visit multiple manufacturers in one dedicated area to optimize your time and resources.

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Improving the efficiency of plastics? NPE showcases the latest technological advancements of plastics across multiple industries and zones. Check out the Recycling & Sustainability Zone, Contract Manufacturing Zone, or the Decorating & Secondary Processes Zone to learn more about innovative solutions that transcend industry sectors.

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Polymers and additives are the building blocks for the design and manufacture of plastic products. I enjoy seeing innovations in plastic resins, colorants, processing aids, and additives, all of which enable plastic products to deliver enhanced properties and process with improved manufacturing efficiency. At NPE, I have the opportunity to meet with many resin and color manufacturers, compounders, and additive specialists and learn about the newest developments in these areas.

– Jay Gardiner, President, Gardiner Plastics, Inc.