Now more than ever, making sustainability a guiding principle at all levels of operation is important for any industry. The Recycling & Sustainability Zone provides a unique opportunity to network with companies showcasing the latest in new end-market solutions, bioplastics, lightweighting, circularity, and much more.

At NPE, the largest plastics show in the Americas, see how sustainable plastics manufacturing is driving value creation for society, the environment, and the industry. Learn how you can make improvements to reduce impacts on natural resources, minimize waste generation, and shift toward renewable energy options—all of which reduce greenhouse gas impacts. Whether you want to gain insight into understanding chemical versus mechanical recycling, improving bottle-to-bottle and closed loop recyclability, applying ocean plastics in manufacturing, or so much more, there’s something for everyone at the Recycling & Sustainability Zone.


Recycling zone machine recycling plastic bitsFrom brand owner, to design engineer, to end user—regardless of your industry or focus area—you can discover new innovations to improve sustainability and advance circularity in your products. Meet the experts behind these sustainable solutions and learn how your business can improve its sustainability initiatives and contribute to a circular economy.

At NPE, you’ll see sustainability not only in the solutions and materials used in the plastics industry that are on display, but around the Orange County Convention Center itself. From our sustainability and recycling workshops to the NPE demonstration area, where plastic scrap generated on the show floor is recycled daily, the show will be promoting a greener and brighter future across the plastics industry. Visit the Recycling & Sustainability Zone to learn more about making your operations more sustainable, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

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Transforming tomorrow with the ongoing efforts to maximize your industry’s recycling and sustainability initiatives? There are countless innovations to improve sustainability across many industries. Take advantage of the Flexible Packaging Zone, Bottle Zone, Rigid Packaging Zone, and technologies featured throughout the show to learn about innovative, sustainable solutions that transcend industry sectors.

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Ultimately, the plastic industry has to work together to mitigate Climate Change and end plastic waste in the environment. Regardless of where you are in the value chain, the Recycling & Sustainability Zone at NPE has something for everyone to improve their sustainability strategies.

– Walter Ripple, Vice President, Sustainability, Avient Corporation