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As robotics are becoming increasingly more complex, they are also transforming the future by streamlining processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. NPE® is at the forefront of these technological advancements, showcasing companies unveiling new breakthroughs in plastics injection molding automation, part and sprue removal, assembly, packaging, and more.

Man pointing at moving parts in the technology zone.

Interested in?

  • Cobots & single-platform programming
  • Complex automation cells
  • Industry 4.0 technology such as wireless real-time production monitoring, wireless real-time production monitoring

NPE features a wide range of exhibitors displaying extraordinary versatility, flexibility, collaborative applications, and wireless capabilities. As the industry rapidly evolves, meet the companies on the forefront of technological progress and advancement at NPE2024.

It is eye candy for the plastics industry. You can see everything: everything that is changing, all the different ideas, all the equipment and interfaces, how things have just kept up with all the technology.

– Valerie Hill, OFS

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NPE brings together more than 55,000 professionals across all industry markets. Exploring the trends within other industries can expand your knowledge base and strengthen the reach within your company’s supply chain.