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NPE® brings you the latest innovations in flexible and rigid packaging, giving you an “all-you-can-see” experience with the latest technologies in the plastics packaging industry. Got questions? Take advantage of our exhibitors’ wealth of knowledge and explore new plastic packaging processes and solutions by networking directly with industry leaders on the show floor.

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Interested In?

  • Plastic packaging that helps reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions compared to alternative materials.
  • Flexible packaging processes that result in lightweight, convenient, and portable products.
  • Safely extending your products shelf-life and delivering the freshest products possible.

Plastic packaging has revolutionized the way products are delivered to consumers. Not only does it help extend the shelf-life of foods, but it also helps us stay healthy by keeping medical products clean and sterile. From exhibits that streamline manufacturing processes to the final products themselves, NPE2024 brings the transformative flexible and rigid packaging solutions to the show floor like no other. With such a wide range of flexible and rigid packaging producers, NPE delivers packaging solutions to the show floor like no one else.

For me, having all of the right vendors gathered in one spot makes NPE so special. Instead of having vendors come to my office, I can come here to see and test all their running machines and equipment; I don’t have to go to their tech centers.

– Greg Leighton, President, C&G Mercury Plastics

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