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Insider Scoop: Talking NPE2024 with Tammy & Chloe

Oct 11, 2023

Now that NPE2024 registration is open, we sat down with Tammy Straw, Director of Wear Parts Division at ENTEK, and Chloe Linsmeier, Marketing Manager at Advanced Blending Solutions, to discuss all things NPE.

With Tammy having attended seven NPE’s and Chloe having attended two, each offered a unique perspective on how they’re preparing for the return of the largest plastics trade show in the Americas.

Can you tell us about the committee work you’re doing behind the scenes for NPE?

Tammy: I’m a part of the NPE2024 Sales and Marketing Committee, and work for this show cycle is more important than ever before. After a six-year hiatus, we took the opportunity to rebrand our logo and messaging to showcase a truly reimagined NPE. Plus, following a successful Space Draw, we’re now shifting focus to attracting attendees to the show.

The NPE2024 motto is “Made For You” because the committee wanted to make it relevant to all parts of the plastics industry. “Made For You” is all inclusive. So, whether you are making resin, manufacturing injection molding parts, or looking for education, networking, new suppliers, new customers, you name it – NPE2024 has something for everyone!

Chloe: I’m proud to say I’m a part of the Content Committee for NPE2024. Our collaborative efforts are aimed at creating a transformative experience for all attendees, and our main objective is to provide valuable learning opportunities to the next generation of innovators and leaders in the plastics industry. We’re dedicated to offering ongoing learning opportunities that address the challenges faced by professionals through plastics, ultimately fostering the growth and development of everyone in the industry!

I am also excited to be involved in the planning of the first-ever NPE Opening Party. Our vision for the event is to create an experience that leaves a lasting impression, encouraging people to attend year after year. We’re striving to make this party a highlight of the industry calendar, something that resonates with attendees and ignites their enthusiasm. The excitement surrounding the party is palpable, and we are working diligently to ensure it becomes a celebrated tradition within the plastics industry.

What are you most excited about for the show?

Tammy: The first NPE I attended was in 2003, so 2024 will be my seventh – and NPE2024 will be remembered as THE comeback show. The industry has been buzzing about NPE since Space Draw because everybody is excited about it returning!

I can’t wait to see the entire industry back together under one roof in person. There are endless educational opportunities ranging from new products to technological advancements, to watching tried and true equipment running production on the show floor.

Each time I am amazed at the innovations that have taken place since the last show. I can’t wait to see what’s changed and improved across the industry in the last six years. Plus, connecting with friends from the industry and meeting new people is always an exhilarating experience. The networking opportunities at NPE are unparalleled, and I can’t wait to engage in meaningful conversations, exchange ideas and build new connections that could potentially shape the future of the plastics industry for decades to come.

Chloe: I’m thrilled about attending NPE2024! It will be exciting to witness the energy and excitement that will be radiating throughout the show. The resumption of this premier event will bring together industry professionals who are amped up and ready to make the most of the show, further highlighting the immense value it holds for the entire plastics industry.

NPE2024 promises to be a treasure trove of knowledge and insights. The chance to learn about the latest trends in the industry and gain market insights is invaluable. With the rapid advancements in technology and the increasing focus on sustainability, staying up to date with the newest developments is crucial. Attending NPE2024 means being at the forefront of innovation and being part of discussions that shape the future of plastics.

Let the countdown begin!

What’s your favorite part about NPE?

Tammy: Reconnecting with people I’ve worked with as customers or suppliers over the years, as well as making new connections. We’ve come a long way with video conferencing in recent years, but to me there is no substitute for shaking hands with colleagues.

I also love the ability to see, touch and witness the raw materials, machinery and technology solutions first-hand. When you’re making investments in technology, you want to make sure you know what you’re getting.

NPE2024 gives attendees the opportunity to see how it all comes together, and it allows you to ask questions of potential partners who understand the challenges you’re facing. It’s an incredibly efficient and effective marketplace.

How will NPE2024 be set apart from other NPE’s and plastics tradeshows you’ve both attended?

Tammy: The plastics industry is doing so many things well regarding recycling and sustainability, and NPE is the stage for us to come together as an industry to educate the rest of the world. This event is essentially a one-stop-shop to see everyone from the plastics supply chain. It’ll be amazing to find manufacturers, processors, and distributors all in a single location.

After attending other plastics industry shows as well, NPE is different as it’s the largest plastics show in the Americas. The exhibit floor itself is over a million square feet, compacted into just two buildings. This makes it possible to see aspects of the entire plastics industry within five days.

Chloe: I’ve attended other plastics trade shows, which have given me valuable insights into the dynamics of different industry events. I think what will set NPE apart is its unique focus and vibrant atmosphere! NPE, organized by the Plastics Industry Association, stands out because of its strong community engagement.

I’m eagerly looking forward to meeting with PLASTICS members and engaging in discussions about the latest trends and topics within the plastics industry. PLASTICS members are known for their warm welcome, friendliness and collaboration. Their contributions provide meaningful insight that helps the growth of the industry, and I am excited to learn from them at NPE2024.

Any advice for people who are attending NPE for the first time?

Tammy: Plan to spend more time on the show floor than you think you will need. There is so much to experience, and you will not want to be rushed. And of course, wear comfortable shoes!

Chloe: My strategy going into the event is to browse all the education offerings and exhibitors in advance! Of course, I want to see everyone at NPE2024, but I also have specific thought-leaders, experts and businesses that I want to learn from. I’ve also been talking with colleagues who are attending, and we are planning on venturing onto the show floor together.

Is there anything you’re hoping to specifically take away from the event?

Chloe: I’m genuinely excited about the opportunities NPE2024 holds for our organization’s growth and success. One of the key takeaways I’m eagerly anticipating is gathering valuable information that can propel our organization forward.

Attending NPE2024 provides us with access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise from industry leaders and experts. The new educational programs, technical sessions, and workshops offered at NPE are designed to equip attendees with the latest insights and trends in the plastics industry. By actively participating in various sessions, I hope to gain valuable knowledge that can help us make informed decisions, adopt innovative strategies, and stay ahead of the competition.

Big Things Are Happening at NPE2024

NPE2024 is more than just a trade show — it’s the global platform for plastics innovation. With expanded education offerings, all-new networking opportunities and over 10,000 square feet of recycling demos, the reimagined NPE is where you’ll find solutions to your biggest challenges and ways to collectively shape the future of plastics.

Registration and housing for NPE2024 are now open, and early bird pricing lasts only until December 14. Secure your spot today for the biggest plastics show in the Americas!