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NPE recycling demo areas

Recycling Plastic During NPE

The two NPE recycling demo areas, located in South Hall and the Westwood Parking lot behind West Hall, offer a full-service program to recycle plastic scrap generated by exhibitors on the show floor.

With over 10,500 net square feet of machinery and process demonstrations, you’ll witness an incredible showcase of the latest equipment and techniques used to repurpose plastic products and fuel the circular economy.


See the advanced powerhouse equipment that’s shaping the future of sustainable plastics in action at NPE2024.


A single-shaft shredder ideal for processing almost all plastics and paper as well as hard and resistant materials.

WEIMA LM 600/1000

A powerful industrial shredder designed for efficiently processing a wide range of materials into manageable sizes.

Conair TEC Grinder Feed Conveyor with S+S Metal Detector

The TEC Grinder Feed Conveyor, integrated with an S+S Metal Detector, ensures the removal of metallic contaminants from plastic materials during the grinding process.

Conair Viper 1736 with SG2 Controls

Conair Viper 1736 with SG2 Controls

A high-performance granulator optimized for precision material processing in plastics manufacturing.

Conair Kongskilde AirWash 100 Evacuation/Fines Separation System

An advanced evacuation and fines separation system, expertly designed to efficiently remove dust and fine particles from plastic materials through a powerful air wash process.

Our Recycling Capabilities

The NPE recycling demo areas will recycle most materials from 1 to 7.


Robot Arm Building the word "You"

Recycling Participants

Discover the forward-thinking plastics exhibitors dedicated to advancing the circular economy and supporting the 100% diversion rate at NPE2024.