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With demand for lighter, durable and more sustainable retail products ­at an all-time high, it’s never been more important for consumer brands to engage with the plastics industry. NPE2024 gives you the unique opportunity to connect with the entire plastics industry in a single location while exploring rapid prototyping, advanced manufacturingmoldmakingrecycling equipment and new supply chains.

Robot Arm Building the word "You"
Robot Arm Building the word "You"

Where Today Meets Tomorrow

Whether you produce smartphones, toys, shoes, furniture, automotive or countless other goods, you won’t want to miss a chance to meet the designers, engineers and manufacturers driving product efficiency and sustainability. Explore:

  • Emerging trends and technologies like resin and synthetic materials, additive manufacturing and others
  • Revolutionary manufacturing techniques, including bioplastics and smart plastics, as part of the circular economy
  • Cutting-edge injection molding techniques, thermoforming, rapid prototyping processes and more

consumer product Sessions

*Speakers and session times are subject to change

Designing for Circularity from Cradle to Grave

Tuesday, May 7 | 11:00 – 11:45 AM

Speaker: Melissa Kurtz

Modern consumers want environmentally conscious products, and this trend is only expected to grow. Simultaneously, the call for enhanced producer responsibility is gaining momentum. There are a variety of material strategies that brand owners can use to reduce their environmental footprint. This session will guide you through the journey of developing products that incorporate post-consumer recyclate while keeping a product’s end of life in mind.

Sustainability: The Retailer Perspective

Tuesday, May 7 | 2:00 – 2:45 PM

Speaker: Scot Case

Retailers’ sustainability commitments reflect company goals, investor interests, regulatory pressure and, most importantly, consumer demand. While different retailers define sustainability differently and prioritize different aspects of sustainability within their own companies, ultimately, sustainable retail is about sustainable products, sustainable suppliers and sustainable supply chains.  Scot Case, VP of Sustainability for the National Retail Federation, the world’s largest trade association for retailers, will provide an overview of sustainability from the retail perspective.

How to Maximize the Value Proposition of Sustainability as a Leader in the Consumer Products Market

Tuesday, May 7 | 3:00 – 3:45 PM

Speaker: Sarah Weishaar

The consumer products industry is taking bold, ambitious steps to lead the way in managing your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts to preserve a strong future for generations to come.

Thus, strong commitments have been established to maximize product circularity, reduce the environmental footprint, protect the wellbeing of stakeholders, and ensure strong sustainability performance throughout the value chain. All members of the consumer products supply chain play a role in achieving these targets.

Are you ready for this challenge?

Do you know what is expected of your company when it comes to sustainability?

Do you know how to maximize the value proposition of your commitment and impact?

Join Sarah Weishaar, CEO of Impact Collective Group, her colleagues, and other leaders in the industry as they demystify the complex landscape of sustainability & ESG by walking through the pressures and realities leaders are facing, the factors driving change, and solutions that are transforming the ways we design, make, and manage products to preserve a sustainable future.

Engage in a dynamic conversation around tangible steps you can take to ready your operations towards demonstrating alignment with ambitious customer and regulatory sustainability expectations, capture further value from your ongoing sustainability efforts, and showcase the ways you are creating positive return.

Together, let’s build a more sustainable future!

Digital Transformation Success Using OPC Standards

Thursday, May 9 | 11:00 – 11:30 AM

Speaker: Michael Clark

Learn how leading industrial facilities from renewable energy and cosmetics to automakers are employing secure, digital interoperability from the shopfloor to the top floor. See how wind, solar, robotics, and cybersecurity all are masterfully served under the International IEC62541 Standard of OPC UA.

With the world’s largest ecosystem of end-users, manufacturers, and partner associations, The OPC Foundation is the gravity-center for secure industrial interoperability, and you will:

    • Learn how OPC technology is widely integrated within control equipment users already have in operation
    • See how end users are exploiting OPC UA to great financial benefit
    • Discover how inherent OPC security features enable cyber-resiliency across deployments (from sensor to cloud)

You will not want to miss these real-world examples from end users highlighting their digital transformation journey when using OPC technologies.

How Electrification Powers Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Automotive, and Aerospace with Specialty Polymers

Thursday, May 9 | 1:00 – 1:30 PM

Speaker: Victoria Lee

Engineers spanning markets are using electrification to increase efficiency in the components and systems they are designing such as connectors, solenoids, busbars, and sensors.

Many of these applications operate in higher temperature environments, usually 150°C or higher, which lead engineers to identifying materials that can withstand such temperatures while also providing electrical insulation and retention of mechanical properties.

Learn how Solvay’s sustainable portfolio of materials provide temperature performance above 150°C, comparative tracking index (CTI) ratings of 600 Volts, as well as dielectric resistance.

Join this session to see how to design electrical components with specialty polymers, the role of selecting the optimal material, and dig into several application case studies that can be considered across materials.

Enabling Versatile Innovation with Polyolefin Elastomers

Friday, May 10 | 11:00 – 11:30 AM

Speaker: Sasha Schmitt

With a diverse portfolio of polyolefin elastomers, ExxonMobil has been able to push the boundaries in key market segments. The polyolefin plastomers and elastomers give customers versatile and innovate solutions that replace other materials and improve performance.

From replacing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in applications like resilient flooring and intravenous (IV) bags, to enhancing comfort and feel in absorbent products like diapers and feminine care, you will see the various possibilities ExxonMobil’s polyolefin plastomers and elastomer materials offer in key segments like construction, medical, hygiene, and other emerging areas.

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