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Made for Efficiency

Packaging is all about putting your brand first — from catching the eye of consumers to maintaining the integrity of your products. You’ll find the services and solutions to do that (and more) in the NPE2024 Packaging Zone. Only here will you come face-to-face with the future of consumer product delivery and the technology fueling industry growth.  

    Robot Arm Building the word "You"
    Robot Arm Building the word "You"


    Whether extending food shelf-life or ensuring medical products remain sterile, this space is your single source destination to find solutions and efficiencies to help create lighter, more durable, environmentally friendly packaging. Plus, explore leadingedge sheet or film extrusion processors, thermoformers and so much more. 

    See What’s Trending in Advanced Packaging

    This exciting space features breakthrough machinery and technology, new-found concepts in flexible and rigid packaging, eco-conscious materials, smart labeling and more. Here you will see an all-you-can-see experience and everything you need to boost your manufacturing process and advance your final product. 

      Robot Arm Building the word "You"

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