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What to Expect at Space Draw

Dec 8, 2022

Whether it is your first NPE Space Draw, or your twenty-first, the 2023 Space Draw event in Orlando offers the opportunity to accelerate your NPE2024 experience. While the primary focus of Space Draw is the selection of exhibit space, there are additional areas that insiders know bring a lot of value to every NPE exhibitor. For more details, visit the Space Draw page.

Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of Space Draw:

1. Maximize Your Time in Orlando

Every major vendor and supplier for NPE2024 will be onsite during Space Draw to provide complimentary consultation on the services available for the event.

Exhibitors can book times to meet face-to-face with all the vendors who will help bring their booths to life. In addition, marketing specialists will be onsite and available to help exhibitors understand how they can get the most out of the show.

One-on-one consultation is available to help assess marketing and messaging plans and to walk through the free marketing toolkits that will be available. This is especially useful for small to mid-size businesses, who could use a few additional resources to level up their NPE2024 return on investment.

2. Set Yourself Up for Success at NPE2024

Every morning, a 45-minute overview session is offered which details information on NPE2024 and on the industry in general. Q&A is available during each session, so you can get answers to all your questions.

Also, be sure to take one of the daily tours around the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC). This will help to orient you to the facility and understand the services available near your exhibit space. It is especially helpful for small teams in determining how long you may have to step away from your booth to grab lunch. It is also useful for large teams creating booth schedules and finding quiet places to meet with clients onsite. Knowing where everything is puts you a step ahead in getting prepared.

3. Check Out Your Competition

NPE2024 remains the largest plastics materials and manufacturing show in the Americas, and Space Draw is where you can catch a glimpse of what next year’s market landscape is going to look like.

Most of the show floor is expected to sell out during Space Draw, which means you’ll be able to understand which of your competitors will be there, and where they’ll be located on the floor. It is an opportunity to pressure-test your go-to-market strategy in real-time and make shifts to your planned positioning based on what you learn.

4. Connect with Your Community

NPE2024 is the relaunch of the largest opportunity for the plastics industry in the Americas, and Space Draw is the biggest pre-show event. This will be the first in-person gathering of the NPE community since 2018 and it is the place to see old friends and meet new connections.

There is much to learn from experienced exhibitors and it’s a chance to compare notes over a coffee or meals in person. A lot has changed in the past five years but one thing that hasn’t changed is the magic that happens when we are all together.

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